Health and 环境正义

Health and 环境正义

Analyze the impacts of air pollution on public health.

Sonoma Technology scientists work with epidemiologists and biostatisticians to refine the exposure assessments used in air pollution health effects research. Our study design services provide clients with plans and technical rationale for the collection of data most important for achieving study objectives.

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环境正义 (EJ)

Gain an improved understanding of real-time air quality in disadvantaged communities.

空气质量 Data Analysis

Analyze data from existing monitors in and surrounding EJ areas. Assess pollution exposure, and use new and improved data management and analysis tools to identify sources and visualize impacts.


Emission Control Strategies

Identify the most important emissions sources and evaluate cost-effective pollution control options.


利用 低成本的传感器 and other transformative technologies to collect air quality data and identify problem areas. 启用 community participation in monitoring.


Better understand air quality near industrial facilities.

Demographic, Economic, and Technology Shifts

Understand how changes in population, 工作, 规定, and technology will affect future air quality. Anticipate impacts and prioritize emission-control efforts.


Develop a greater understanding of air pollutants in your region to assess emissions source impacts, support air quality management decisions, and protect public health.

Spatial-Temporal Exposure Model Development

Develop and apply hybrid exposure 模型s using air quality, 交通, 土地使用, 人口, 地球物理, 卫星, and dispersion 模型 data.

Spatial Mapping/Geostatistics

收集, 分析, 模型, and communicate air quality information to better understand local pollution.


方便安装, 操作, 审计, 维护, and data management for your instrument network.

Personal Exposure 测量

Design and execute personal measurement studies to assess pollutant exposure and time-activity in various microenvironments.


Rely on Sonoma Technology’s expertise to design comprehensive air quality and exposure studies and evaluate emission control strategies.


Meet your research needs with in-depth air quality studies. Our study design services provide clients with plans and technical rationale for the collection of data most important for achieving study objectives.


Identify and understand the health effects of air pollution within your community. Sonoma Technology has developed spatially representative data for multiple epidemiological studies across the United States.

Public Outreach and Training

Engage with the public to better communicate your environmental information with tailored outreach services, 网站, 和应用程序.

Websites, Apps, and Widgets

Reach a larger audience with environmental information anywhere, at any time, on any device. Communicating real-time air quality health information is key to effectively engaging the public; Sonoma Technology helps clients provide visually compelling, 清晰的, 简洁的网站, 应用程序, and widgets to dramatically increase public awareness.


Focus your message with strategic visual design products that engage, inform, and inspire. Environmental information is complex, and Sonoma Technology works with clients to meet scientific and public outreach needs by bringing clarity and context to your information.

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